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Easy Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair After Hair Transplant

By Gilbert Wolowic / 2020-09-17

The hair consists of keratin that is supplied by the entire scalp. The hair restoration Sydney Australia offers a procedure in which hair follicles are removed and filled over the bald or wounded area. The elements that act on your hair, along with your circumstances, are incredibly beneficial for you. The glands are all over […]


Hard Health Talks: 4 Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment

By Gilbert Wolowic / 2016-05-23

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimates that more than 2.5 million men and women were diagnosed with some form of cancer in 2015. The treatments often produce side effects including fatigue, severe pain and nauseacaused by radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery. Unpleasant Truth about Cancer Treatment Side Effects The unpleasant truth is that intensive cancer […]